About Us

Twenty years ago, I was living in the sunshine of Southern California. It was at Disneyland that I found myself. I am truly home when my feet are on Disney soil - regardless of which coast I'm on.

Today, I live in Alberta with amazing husband and partner, Alec and our two great kids. What began as a bit of a Disney obsession on my part, has become our lifestyle. I'm very lucky to have the support of my family on this adventure.

I began creating wax melts when we discovered Alec is allergic to paraffin, eliminating most commercial brands. Each scent is handcrafted in my kitchen to bring you high quality, beautiful scents. I began experimenting with soy candles and added them to my line. Soon after, lotions and linen and body spray were added for customers who couldn't get enough of melts and candles.

Smell is such a power sense, it has the ability to transport you to specific moments in your life. That is what happens when I smell Whipped, Tiki and Resort. If my scents do not spark a favourite vacation memory, I hope it will help create brand new memories.